What is it to be mindful?

Mindfulness is awareness, a rotation in consciousness

You might be hearing more about mindfulness these days, but be sure it is not a fad. Mindfulness has been around for 2700 years and today exalted by the likes of Eckhart Tolle and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Now we have scientific evidence that tells us that if we practice mindfulness on a regular basis we affect our health on a cellular level. We are whole even though we think of ourselves as being fragmented as we compartmentalise our lives. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings all at once. However our limited awareness leaves us unaware of who we are and what we are capable of. Mindfulness is being totally in the moment of our lives, the past is long gone and the future is not now. Often we are not present in the moment experiencing all the wonderful sensations that are available to us. Seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting what the moment presents to us. Do you often feel life is running on autopilot? Do you know that 80% of the thoughts you have today you had yesterday? We think we are our thoughts, our fears our limitations. We are not!

How to access your true self without the filters you have built up over the years, the opinions and judgements. Have they served you well? Are you stressed, do you ruminate worrying thoughts and holding onto judgements long by their used by date? Let go, believe, trust.

Mindfulness practice opens the door to a new perspective if cultivated. It is simple but hard to do. Thousands of people have gone onto cultivate mindfulness only to heal and find balance in their lives. Our waking consciousness is like the rough sea where thinking is normal, then drop 30 metres and there is calm and stillness always present. Awareness is the depths of the sea and the surface can be very agitated. Practicing mindfulness we take our full attention to the breath; this is where the physical and spiritual connect. “The breath is the means for befriending this deep capacity of the heart and mind” says Jon Kabat-Zinn. Bigger than thinking, no judgement, blaming or forcing, no agenda just this moment and the breath.

When we inhabit awareness and are aware we are in awareness the whole world and everyone becomes our teacher. This is not a religion. It is understood by all cultures and all faiths from time immemorial.  Tune into now not for a reason and hold this awareness for a moment, meet the moment in fullness.

“To feel the breath, not think about it. Approach gently, drop in, ride and surf the sensation, the feelings, be in the wings where the breath is centre stage, and rest in awareness.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

My experience cultivating awareness in the moment has given me the fertile ground to let go of thoughts that no longer serve me. My moments are richer as I see and appreciate my life on a more personal level. I have learned more about myself in a kind and compassionate way. I used to beat myself up analysing all my actions. Letting go has freed me up to be myself and to befriend myself. I live my days in a flow rather than a sharp zig-zag, riding the waves with much less effort. I have more clarity and am able to focus. I have cultivated  empathy, compassion and love in my life. Now I feel even more connected in the world and part of the spaciousness that is our world and everyone and everything.

Let me know if this resonates with you. Your comments help us all to understand how connected we all are and that we are not alone.

Love & Light


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