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9th June, 2016 (email)
After having a heart attack five weeks ago I still wake up weak in the morning. I am feeling much stronger, but my heart rate is a bit high. That gives me an anxious feeling, but I just did your meditation cd and that's helped. This is so good for me! Thank you for putting me onto this! This is exactly what I need right now and it's helping me so much! I now meditate everyday with my daughter who is in a stressful job. When we began meditating it was a chore but it didn't take long and now we look forward to our meditation everyday. I am more relaxed and less anxious and the feeling lasts all day. We are both sleeping better. I am telling all my friends about your cd. Thank you Nadia


7th June, 2016 (email)
Everyday I deal with pain and I do my best to shut it out and pretend it does not exists. A few years ago I let it get the better of me and it was over bearing and very confronting. I now try to balance my life and co-exists with the pain through mindfulness. Sitting and doing body scans are difficult. I try not to let the full force of the pain register with me, but to acknowledge it is there, then move on from it. When I first started doing mindfulness I could only do it for 1 or 2 minutes as the pain was too great to deal with, I would sit and cry but over time I have been able to acknowledge the pain, but still trying not to focus on it. Some days like last Tuesday I was aware I was in pain but did not know were it was, but through mindfulness I was only able to focus on one part of the body and deal with that, rather than deal with the whole body. Some days I can be too much to deal with. This has not been an easy process for me, with Nadia's help I am making slow progress. But none the less it is good progress and the benefits are, and will be great!! Thank you for all your guidance Nadia


11th May, 2016 (email)
After suffering from lower back pain for many years, I cannot believe how quickly my lower back has strengthened and I don't have the nagging pain and my flexibility has improved so much in such a short time. Thank you Nadia


17th May, 2016 (email)
Mindful yoga is calming and relaxing. The walking meditation is not my preferred practice, I can't quite get into it. My husband also attends the classes. I was surprised when he said he would come. It has helped him with his stress.


11th May, 2016 (email)
Ready to Relax has taught me to switch off listen and pay attention to my body. Stretching exercises are great I do wish they went a little longer, the one hour goes by very quickly. Thank you Nadia

Gina Goble

11th December, 2014 (email)
I am so pleased that the referrals I have been making to Nadia for my psychology clients to extend and deepen their experience of mindfulness and meditation practice have been so useful. My clients have told me how peaceful and relaxing the sessions with Nadia are and how helpful they have been to improve their sense of well-being. Nadia is highly committed and inspiring and I recommend her to you. Regards, Gina

Owen Lynch

17th October, 2014 (via LinkedIn)
I encourage you to check out and follow the progress of this great new initiative by an ex-colleague: the site is called: In the giddy world of business (whatever the discipline) I think some time and space for the mind to break away and recoup is imperative to productivity and wellness. As we are in the midst of Mental Health Week, any light that can be cast on the importance of mental "fitness" is to be applauded. We go to the gym to stave of unwanted health complications, we brush our teeth to avoid dental problems - why not allocated some time for our mind?

David Corduff

6th August, 2014 (via email)

Hi Nadia,
Your blog regarding mindfullness is something I can endorse.

I completed a Mindfullness Based Cognitive Therapy course (MBCT) a few years back and regularly refer to in in my beyondblue presentations (I am a beyondblue Ambassador). I would like to think that people take away a thought to do something tangible for themselves…which actually works!

Cheers and keep up the good work – David

Craig Tan

29 July, 2014 (via email)

Hi Nadia,

Thanks for sending this. This is right down my alley. I’m very interested in architecture that can raise a heightened sense of awareness in the viewer, in essence a form of mindfulness.

I have recently been making presentations to several Rotary groups in Melbourne to explain why good architecture matters, and in particular to highlight the design strategies and tactics that I have developed to evoke a heightened sense of awareness in the user.

Glad to see that you’re passionate about similar things! I will follow your blog closely.

Cheers, Craig

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