Mindfulness training 2015

Happy New Year to all my readers in Australia, Canada, Slovenia, United States, Israel and China. The beginning of a new year generally has us assessing the relative importance of the year just passed. We might look at what we have achieved, our relationships, our work and our health. Some of us decide to declare a new year’s resolution, others sit down and write goals and affirmations. It is only with intention and in the moment that your new habits come to life. Writing is an important way to express yourself and I encourage setting goals and aspirations. Often we ask for material gains but I would suggest you include cultivating your inner goodness, for example, generosity, kindness, tolerance or inclusiveness.

Humans are good at doing things, and this is a wonderful trait, learn something new this year and let it be fun. However we are human beings, and we forget just to be. Who will you be in 2015? Will you be loving, generous with your words, an example to others?

Above all we start with ourselves. Nourish your body, mind and soul. Cherish who you are and replace self analysis with attention on your positive contribution to others. I find that if you replace a negative thought with a positive thought or experience, and this is what you focus on, then the negative will be less effective. Train your mind in 2015 to distract thoughts and gently let them pass by as you witness them and not connect with them. 80% of the thoughts we have today we had yesterday.

This is the exercise; the thought……let it pass without judgment…….bring you attention back to the moment……and repeat. Using your breathe as the anchor.

Take your attention to your breath during the day on a regluar basis and you will find after sometime it will be natural. Your focus and clarity will improve, so will your empathy to others.

Your intention is with compassion and kindness and not with criticism and blame.

When we live in the moment without judgement we create a space for our true being to flourish. With daily practice you are forming a new neural pathway in your brain, a new habit, and this new learning or mind training can be done at any age. Science now tells us that the brain has plasticity, is malleable, capable of being extended and shaped. Let 2015 be the year you connect with your true self on a more regular basis and practice living in the moment. It is in the moment where we will find joy in the most ordinary situations. Ordinary will become so much more when you find you will be surprised by the beauty of the moment, if only you allow yourself to experience.

My experience with practicing living in the moment has been a slow progression. This is not a practice that you master overnight. During these moments I experience glimpses, sometimes insights of what my heart knows to be good and true. And then my thoughts distract me with a limitation or fear. Mindfulness training not only affects my happiness it affects me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I send you all peace and goodwill and may you in turn pass on this sentiment to everyone you connect with.

For those living locally my relaxation and mindfulness classes begin on Tuesday 27th January in Werribee and Wednesday 28th January in Altona. Book your class by emailing nadia@www.catts-it.com.au



2 Responses to “Mindfulness training 2015

  • David
    5 years ago

    Hi Nadia,
    I love the piece above…its a beautifully crafted slice of advice.

    Well done
    Mindfully yours