A moment in time…..

I would like to tell you a brief story about a moment in time that has been stored in a mothers memory for over twenty years. I met Trish yesterday who reflected on a beautiful mindful experience. At the time Trish was in the backyard hanging out the washing and her young son was in a baby bouncer. Trish was thinking about all the things she had to do that day. She glanced over at her son who had this most delightful glean in his eyes. He was listening attentively to a birdsong. His face looked so beautiful that Trish has always remembered that moment in time. The wonder of a child. As adults we too can continue to nurture the wonder and curiosity of the child within us.

Mindfulness is not something you practice for a few minutes everyday. It is a way of life, a practice that you can nurture so it becomes an integral part of your day. Every daily task can be performed mindfully, in the moment, without judgement and with your total attention. When we are absorbed in the now, we see the world very differently. It will change your life. This is where we access and connect with people via the heart, a magical path to enter.

Would like to hear about your mindful story and its magic.

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