Mindfulness cultivates a focused and calm mind. However when practicing mindfulness we notice how busy the mind is with many thoughts and feelings arising. The brain is designed to think so thoughts are a natural process. We find that the mind wanders and we might be thinking “Am I doing this right? I can’t stop the thoughts, this is too hard” and we want to give up.

When we go to the gym and work on strengthening our core muscles it takes time and committment to develop. Well training our mind and returning our attention back to the breath requires the same time and committment.

Why do we practice mindfulness?

We practice to still the mind because this is the opposite to being stressed. When we are stressed we respond with the flight and fright response. The opposite is to elicit the relaxation response. It is a natural state of balance where our body is able to repair and heal. Our connection with the mind and body has now scientifically been proven, a fact known for centuries by all faiths and cultures.

“We don’t meditate to improve ourselves; we meditate to end our compulsive striving to do everything better.” Christopher K. Germer, PhD

When we begin to judge with our thoughts, let them pass by, be the observer, no need to tag them!



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