We have all experienced the voice in our head, the mind chatter that doesn't go away. Ruminating is retracing past mistakes, creating a pattern of negative thoughts. We over think and obsess, leading to a cycle that can paralyse our problem solving skills.

When we ruminate we spiral and this leads to negative self focus. And the mind chatter persists. Research has shown that rumination is associated with a variety of negative consequences, including anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness.

So how do we manage ruminating?

Pushing the negative thoughts away only amplifies them. So we engage the opposite and substitute these negative thoughts with positive thoughts or no thoughts at all. This can be achieved by practicing mindfulness. In the next post I will discuss mindfulness and its benefits.

I welcome your comments on ruminating and any examples you would like to share.

4 Responses to “#ijustcantgetyououtofmyhead

  • Tracy
    5 years ago

    Great post! I agree that so much of it is all in our head and if we come from a place of gratitude then we are unable to experience a place of fear and negativity.
    Happiness is a choice 🙂

    • To choose to come from a place of gratitude is opening ones heart, and this is where goodness resides. Yes happiness is a choice and I am happy that you made a choice to share on my blog. Thank you Tracy and keep sharing with all those you meet in your life.

  • Zoe Mac
    5 years ago

    Hi Nadia,
    I am very interested in your next post in regards to your ideas on dealing with ruminating.
    I feel like this is the perfect word for the daily minefield of my mind. For me ruminating manifests physically and i often feel ill due to the amount of un edited thoughts in my mind. i would love to hear from you how i can deal with this as i feel i am due for a change in my mind set. So happy you have a blog that i feel i can connect with for personal growth and tuition on my mind and body. look forward to reading whats next!

    • Hi Zoe,
      You have taken the first step to making a change in your life by sending in your comment. I can hear how debilitating this is for you. Now that you have made a choice to do something we can begin. I take relaxation classes weekly in Altona; you are welcome to come along and learn the various techniques available.
      Zoe you are in the drivers seat. Begin by isolating a few minutes at the same time everyday and sit in a quiet place. Sitting upright with eyes closed take your awareness to the tip of the nostrils and experience your inhalations and exhalations. When distracted gently bring the awareness back to the nostrils.
      By training your mind on a regular daily basis you will form a habit that will bring you many benefits. Clarity of mind, room for creativity, and more empathy and connection with others. Let me know how you progress.