Grateful to all my subscribers and visitors to the site from around Australia, China, Brazil and United States of America. Together we cultivate mindfulness in the world. We need more peacemakers and healers and writers and artists.

Your gift to others is one that cannot be bought or wrapped. Give from the heart, kind words, your time, your ear to listen, your love and understanding. Remember to smile everyday and to be thankful.

As a year concludes and another begins it is only natural to reflect on what we have achieved and we begin to assess the outcome. How many people have we affected with our generous words and deeds? How many people have we loved and cared for? How many times have we nourished ourself and given us space to reflect, relax and rejuvenate?

It is so easy to judge and be hard on ourselves. When we practice mindfulness I tell my students to be kind to themselves and not to compare with others. Cultivating mindfulness is cultivating heartfulness. When we put ourselves down or feel disappointed we are not benefitting from these thoughts. Sitting in meditation take your awareness to the heart Anahata Charkra and remember a loving experience. Bring that feeling into your heart centre and let it permeate the whole body. Be aware how this feeling affects you at this very moment. Bringing feelings of joy and bliss.

Make it your practice to cultivate loving kindness in 2016 for yourself. Please write to me and let me know how your mindfulness experience unfolds.

Love & Light




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