Today life seems busier than ever. The pressures in both professional and personal spheres constantly do battle over our precious time. We have more knowledge and information about how to live well at this point in time than at any other, yet we continue to dismiss or devalue the power within ourselves to create our own better life.

Attending the Ready to Relax Mindfulness classes in Werribee has given me a space each week to focus on myself; to actually focus on my own needs and to give myself permission to stop and reflect. Over time the practices I’ve learnt have translated into an ability to be mindful more and more often throughout each day; allowing me to be calmer at home and at work. Mindfulness instructs us to value our own innate knowledge of ourselves and to adjust our perspective on stressful situations and our responses.

Attending the screening of The Connection was insightful. A ‘lightbulb’ moment. Although the human brain’s abilities and limits are not yet fully understood, we do know that self-awareness positively impacts on health outcomes when we take an active role in our own wellbeing. I purchased the DVD and have shared it with family, friends and work colleagues, which has led to many discussions and a number of lifestyle changes for many people.

The skills and knowledge I’ve gained about mindfulness through this community program will enable me to approach all aspects of my life with increased connectedness within myself.

Kerry Neely

12 June 2015

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