About us

Ready to Relax is a blog created to share both my experience and my students’ experiences when dealing with stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Together we explore how mind-body approaches like mindful meditation, hatha yoga and progressive body relaxation contribute to our well-being. I teach you how to use certain tools to cultivate living in the present moment, how to elicit the relaxation response, and different approaches to meditation. Learn to cultivate a daily meditation practice and begin to recognise how our mind works. How thoughts affect our responses and our perceptions. Allow yourself to recognise signs in the body that we often ignore at our peril. Learn to create space for acceptance, empathy and self-compassion.

I continue life learning and presently I am enrolled at MTIA participating in the MBSR course which originated with Jon Kabat-Zinn. I am privileged and grateful to be part of the mindfulness community. Mindfulness is now growing in popularity. Find a class, a group to practice with as there is more benefit than practicing alone.

I began yoga at the age of sixteen and ten years later trained to be a Hatha Yoga teacher. My training was in the eighties with principal Joy Spencer from the Sivananda School of Yoga. Over the years I have taught adults and children and have experienced and seen the benefits of the breath, yoga asanas, mindfulness and meditation.

Hatha Yoga teacher, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher.
Mother of two beautiful daughters and I live in Melbourne Australia.