14 Mindful Minutes Brochure


14 Mindful Minutes – TriFold Brochure

View our brochure for the complete program and be sure to mark the dates in your diary. Look forward to welcoming you and sharing in the knowledge, the experience and the practice.

Today in our busy world we are juggling many tasks at once, our technology keeps us informed and entertained but at what cost. Are you looking for balance, some peace and stillness where sometimes you would like just to shut out the world, even for a moment? Stress is abundant in the world and no one escapes. Come along and hear what scientists and researchers are saying about our mind and its direct connection with our body. Hear how we are in the drivers seat where we can have control over the body through mindfulness training. See how people with chronic illnesses have overcome their pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis, infertility, and heart disease.

Our first event is the screening of Shannon Harvey’s documentary ‘The Connection.’ The response to her film has been amazing. Her story is one of inspiration. See the trailer below and share this knowledge with family and friends.

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